Frequently Asked Questions

How much are Greens Fees?

See Our Rates.

How much do Memberships cost?

There are several membership options, you can visit Our Rates or call for more information.

What are the age requirements for Memberships?

Junior Members must be under 19 years of Age.
Intermediate Members must be under 36 years of Age.
Adult Members must be under 60 Years of Age.
Senior Members must be 60 years or older.

How much does a Savers Pass cost? How can I use it? 

The Pass costs $100.00 plus tax per person. Once you have purchased a Savers Pass you can golf 7 days a week for $12.50 + tax per 9 holes. TIME RESTRICTION: Mondays through Fridays, Savers Pass holders cannot get the Savers Pass rate ($12.50) before 11:00 AM. 

How much does a 911 Pass Cost? How can I use it?

This Pass costs $40.00 plus tax per person. It is available only to First Responders and their immediate family (spouse or child). 911 Pass Holders can golf 7 days a week anytime for $15.00 + tax per 9 holes. 

Are you licensed?

Yes. Alcohol is available. The Province of New Brunswick strictly prohibits any alcohol onto the course property except what is sold by us under our license.

Do you answer Phone calls in the off season?

We typically do not answer our clubhouse telephone in our off season but we can always be contacted through our Email as well as our Facebook and Instagram pages.


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